Young Guns 2 - Trailer

Young Guns 2 - Trailer

Young Guns II pic

the film is the sequel to Young Guns and the cast reprises their roles as Doc Scurlock Billy The Kid and Jose Chavez Y Chaves


the film begins with Billy the Kid Arkansas Dave Rudabough and Pat Garrett are the new Regulators and when they arrive to Fort Sumner and Billy meets Tom O Fallord who is a fan of Billy he asks to join his gang but Billy say's no and meanwhile in New York Doc Scurlock is a teacher now and is abducted by the lawmen of Lincoln and thrown into a pit where he is reunited with Jose Chavez Y Chavez.

Billy is eventually found and has a meting with new governer Lew Wallace who tricks him into being arrested. He is strapped in a hotel near the pit and cleverly breaks himself out and gets Scurlock and Chavez out of the pit while Garrett and Dave help then they escape back to Lincoln.Pat Garrett leaves the gang while Tom is hired in replacement.

They hire Hendry William French and ride off while Pat Garrett is hired to be sherrif because the last one was killed by Billy and starts hunting after Billy The Kid while being accompanied by John Poe and they catch up with the gang and Patt supposedly shoot's Billy but find's out that he has shot Tom then while the gang hides out Doc grabs two winchesters and once he exit's the hideout he is shot and eventually dies Chavez is shot and Billy is arrested.

Billy is held up on top floor of the Sherrif's office and gets hold of a gun he shoots and kills the guards and rides off and gets to Fort Sumner where he meet's up with Chavez and French Billy find's out Dave has rode off to Mexico and when Dave get's there he is killed by two bounty hunters.

Chavez dies of his wounds French split's from Billy who goes to a celebration party amd then goes to Pete Maxwell's house where he has a confrontation with Pat Garrett who shoots him and later attend's Billy's Ffuneral but Billy who isnt really dead steals Pat's horse and rides off and the film cuts to an old man named Brushy Bill Roberts who is telling a young man this story then the film concludes that he had died shortly after Trial, whetever or noto he was the Kid remains a a mysety


Emilio Estevez as Billy The Kid

Keifer Sutherland as Doc Scurlock

Lou Diamond Phillips as Jose Chavez Y Chavez

Christian Slater as Dave Rudabough

William Peterson as Pat Garrett

Alan Ruck as Hendry French

Balthazar Getty as Tom O Fallord

Viggo Mortenson as John Poe